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We've all been there. We enter the GYM knowing what we are going to do to our body. It does not matter whether it is weight training or any type of physical activity; we must all prepare ourselves mentally for the intense efforts that we will make to our bodies. We can execute the training session without enthusiasm, or we can push ourselves to the maximum and push our body to adapt and improve for the day. My goal is to help you all learn to "Put the switch on," learn to tap into your inner beast.

Learning to tap into this energy source can certainly make or break a workout. If you can focus on your inner energy, I guarantee you will have a great workout. Plus, you'll get all the benefits your workout will provide for the day. All you have to do is learn how to light it. Many of us use music to motivate them. Music is one of the best things I feel to help motivate me and get the most out of a workout. Your choice of music should feel the pace of your cardio. It should also help you get a rhythm to maintain the intensity level you will need for this workout.


Many of us can relate to whom we are idealizing, or some situations that life has put in our path. There are people who use these events to help motivate and push themselves in their workouts. They use their frustrations and anger to fuel through a workout ... Very good to de-stress me. Sometimes we all need to find a way to relieve the stress we encounter on a daily basis. Use this negative energy for something positive. Your well-being and your state of mind will be more productive. You can also use it to help motivate you to keep going back to the gym. Learn how to make your training time a moment to leave behind anything that bothers you.


Once you are acclimated to getting ready for the workouts, I think it gets easier. Sometimes it may be a lot of fun, but remember that we are in the gym to train and get the most out of our exercises. You may have to sacrifice talking around and distance yourself from social groups during training. Stay focused and respect your game plan. There will always be time to socialize, but do not sacrifice your precious "gym time" to do it.


Change your mindset when you walk in your fitness center, and get ready for the "fight" ahead. Bring the intensity needed to accomplish the feat at your fingertips. Remember, you only have a certain amount of time and glycogen in your muscles to support and make gains. Once you on the job or on the train; you start to reverse what you are trying to do. We want to make improvements in ourselves and gain muscle. We never want to break our bodies and deny what we started doing. Keep your head up, show up at the gym, and declare war on any physical activity you choose. Stay focused and be ready to accept the changes in your efforts that reward you with.

Stay Strong - Stay True!

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